Hi, people! Welcome to my Weblog.

You guys can call me darmanex, a *nix/linux addict, and also infosec enthusiast. On my daily driver gears for work I use macOS and Debian GNU/Linux Arch (GNU/Linux) as my operating system for Laptop and OpenBSD for my home server.
Currently I worked at Gameloft South-East Asia as Sr. IT Admins, PT. Ansvia as Sr. Sysadmin/DevOps PT. Aino Indonesia as Sr. Infrastructure Engineer, and in my free(lancer) time sometime I'm playing CTF (a special kind of information security competitions) with my team mate, helping people to managing/hardening their server, and do web development as well.

I hope the content of this blog is useful for you. By the way, I write in two languages on this blog, Bahasa and English. But, please know that english is not my mother tongue, so if you find any mistake of grammar, typo, etc, please let me know or leave a comment.

Thank you for visiting my Weblog.
If you have some a good offering, don't hesitate drop me an email at darmanex{at}gmail{dot}com or send me an encrypted message that you can use with my pub key here.