Debian: installing VLC by compiling from source

In debian wheezy the latest version of VLC is 2.0.6. But, if you want to get the new version of VLC, you can grab it at here to do compiling by yourself.

 $ wget  

Once you have done downloading the VLC, now please install the required lib packets.

 # apt-get install libavcodec-dev libshout3-dev libsidplayfp-dev libfreerdp1 libvncserver-dev libcddb2-dev libavformat-dev libvlc-dev libmodplug-dev libshout3-dev libgnomevfs2-dev libcddb2-dev libbluray-dev libopencv-dev libsmbclient-raw-dev libssh2-1-dev libdvdnav-dev libdvdread-dev libzvbi-dev libraw1394-dev libdc1394-22-dev liblivemedia-dev libdssialsacompat-dev libfribidi-dev librsvg2-dev libcaca-dev libfluidsynth-dev libass-dev libspeexdsp-dev libtool build-essential pkg-config autoconf liblua5.1-luacsnd5.2 

Extract the archive of VLC using tarball utility:

 $ tar -xvf vlc-2.1.4.tar.xz; mv vlc-2.1.4 vlc; cd vlc 

Make sure you're in directory VLC installation, to configure it please run this command:

 $ ./configure 

or if you want to install in another directory:

 $ ./configure --prefix=/path/to/install/whatever-folder-you-want 
Let's compile the source, this will take a lot of time, be patient. B)

 $ make  
 # make install  
 # make clean  

Now,  VLC 2.1.4 has been installed in your system. Enjoy with the new version! :)

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